Leiden: Stieltjes afternoon

8-10-2010 (friday)

On Thursday Friday October 8, 2010, there will be a Stieltjes afternoon 
at Leiden University organized by the Thomas Stieltjes Institute for 
You are kindly invited to attend (registration, see below).
During the meeting the Rector of the Leiden University will present the 
Stieltjes Prize for the best Ph.D. thesis in 2009. After that there will 
be presentations on the work of John Torrence Tate (University of Texas 
at Austin), who was awarded the Abelprize 2010 by the Norwegian Academy 
of Sciences "for his vast and lasting impact on the theory of numbers".
13:15 -- 13:45  Welcome (coffee and tea)
13:45 -- 14:00  Presentation of the Stieltjes Ph.D.-student prize 2009 
by Paul van der Heijden, Rector Magnificus and Chairman Leiden 
14:00 -- 14:30  Lecture winner Stieltjes Prize 2009 about his/her work
14:45 --15:00  Prof.dr. Frans Oort (UU), "John Tate: as a mathematician, 
as a person"
15:00 --15:30  Prof.dr. Jaap Top (RUG), "Tate and elliptic curves"
15:30 -- 16:00  Break
16:00 -- 16:30  Prof.dr. Frans Oort (UU), "Tate modules and arithmetic 
16:30 -- 17:00  Prof.dr. Peter Stevenhagen (UL), "Elliptic curves and 
17:00 -- 18:00  Drinks
De Sitterzaal, Oortgebouw, Leiden University
Niels Bohrweg 2, 2333 CA Leiden
If you would like to attend the Stieltjes afternoon you can send an 
e-mail to Tineke Bakker
Organization Committee:
Fred Bakker, Frank den Hollander, Hendrik Lenstra, Peter Stevenhagen.
On January 1, 2011, the three research schools EIDMA, MRI and Stieltjes 
Institute will merge into one national research school mathematics.

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