Ben Moonen (RUN)
Frits Spieksma (TU/e)
Marc Stevens (CWI)
Bart de Smit (UL, chair)

Research manager

Contact the research manager Robin de Jong for information and comments.

Full and associate professors involved in DIAMANT

Prof. dr. K. Aardal

optimization CWI/TUD

Dr. N.B. Bansal combinatorial optimization TU/e

Prof. dr. H. Barendregt

computer mathematics, foundations RU

Prof. dr. M. de Berg

computational geometry TU/e

Prof. dr. D. Bernstein cryptographic implementations TU/e

Prof. dr. F. Beukers

number theory, differential equations UU

Dr. A. Blokhuis

geometric combinatorics TU/e

Dr. W. Bosma

computer algebra RU

Prof. dr. A.E. Brouwer

discrete mathematics TU/e

Prof. dr. H. Buhrman

quantum computing CWI & UvA

Prof. dr. A.M. Cohen

computer mathematics, algebra and geometry TU/e

Prof. dr. G.L.M. Cornelissen algebraic geometry UU 

Prof. dr. R.J.F. Cramer

cryptology CWI & UL

Dr. H. Cuypers

groups, geometry TU/e E. van Dam discrete mathematics UvT

Prof. dr. S.J. Edixhoven

number theory, algebraic geometry UL

Prof. dr. S. Etalle embedded systems security TU/e
Dr. R.J. Fokkink game theory, ergodic theory, TUD

Prof. dr. ir. A.M.H. Gerards

discrete mathematics CWI & UM

Prof. dr. H. Geuvers

computer mathematics RU

Prof. dr. W.H. Haemers discrete mathematics UvT
Dr. K.P. Hart set theory and topology TUDelft 
Prof. dr. D. den Hertog discrete mathematics UvT

Prof. dr. B. Jacobs

correctness, security RU

Prof. dr. E. de Klerk discrete mathematics, UvT
Dr. C. Kraaikamp number theory, TUDelft

Prof. dr. R. de Jeu

algebra, K-theory VU

Prof. dr. T. Lange

cryptology TU/e

Dr. R. van Luijk number theory, UL

Prof. dr. M. Laurent

combinatorial optimization CWI & UvT

Prof. dr. H.W. Lenstra

number theory UL

Prof.dr. B. Moonen algebraic geometry, RUN
Prof.dr. T. Müller combinatorics and probability, RUG
Prof. dr. G. Schäfer algorithms, optimization CWI

Dr. ir. L.A.M. Schoenmakers

cryptology TU/e

Prof. dr. A. Schrijver

optimisation CWI & UvA

Prof. dr. B. de Smit

number theory UL

Dr. R. Sotirov discrete mathematics UvT

Prof. dr. P. Stevenhagen

number theory UL

Prof. dr. L. Stougie

combinatorial optimization VU & CWI

Prof. dr. L. Taelman algebraic geometry, UvA

Prof. dr. J. Top

number theory, algebraic geometry RUG

Prof. dr. M. Uetz combinatorial optimization UT

Prof. dr. ir. P.M.B. Vitányi

algorithms, complexity CWI & UvA

Prof. dr. W. Zudilin number theory, RUN


Mathematics cluster DIAMANT

Upcoming events

Diamant symposium
29-11-2018 - 30-11-2018

News - more news

3 DIAMANT PhD positions awarded

NWO, following a shortlist provided by the DIAMANT board, has decided to award 3 PhD positions to young DIAMANT members: Dion Gijswijt (TU Delft), Jan Steffen Müller (RUG) and Arno Kret (UvA).
Read more.

DIAMANT funding continued

The funding of all four mathematics clusters has been continued by NWO. For the coming two years 85 kE will be available in each cluster.
Read more.

NWO Call for Tenure Track positions

NWO has opened a call for tenure track positions. Proposals for these positions, which include one PhD position for each tenure track position, can be submitted directly to NWO by professors from the 4 mathematics clusters, including Diamant. Diamant professors are warmly encouraged to submit proposals. Read more.

Dion Gijswijt and Jordan Ellenberg independently substantially improve capset bound

A capset in a finite dimensional vector space over the field with 3 elements is a subset that contains no 3-term arithmetic progressions. Dion Gijswijt (TU Delft) and Jordan Ellenberg have independently obtained a bound on the size of a capset that for the first time improves substantially on the trivial bound 3^n. Read more in Terence Tao's blog about these developments.