Phds obtained within DIAMANT

17 September 2018, TU/e Marek Elias Algorithms for some metrical service systems
6 September 2018, TU/e Grigorios Koumoutsos Algorithms for k-server problems
27 June 2018, RUN Wouter Cames van Batenburg Cliques, colors and clusters
14 June, 2018, UL Chloe Martindale Isogeny graphs, modular polynomials, and applications
14 June 2018, UL Nikola Damjanovic Arakelov inequalities and semistable families of curves uniformized by the unit ball
5 June 2018, TU/e Christine van Vredendaal Exploiting mathematical structures in cryptography
25 May 2018, RUG Euardo Ruiz Delsarte Hasse-Weil inequality and primality tests in the context of curves of genus 2
25 April 2018, UvA Srinivan Arunachalam Quantum algorithms and learning theory
9 April 2018, TiU Jianzhe Zhen

Adjustable robust optimization: Theory, algorithm and applications

27 February 2018, UL Giulio Orecchia A monodromy criterion for existence of Neron models and a result on semi-factoriality
19 January 2018, TiU Frans de Ruiter

Primal and dual approaches to adjustable robust optimization

13 February 2018, UL Maxim Mornev Shtuka cohomology and special values of Goss L-functions
11 December 2017, TiU Ahmadrezi Marandi

Aspects of quadratic optimization - nonconvexity, uncertainty, and applications

6 December 2017, UL Gabriele Spini Unconditionally secure cryptographic protocols from coding-theoretic primitives
6 December 2017, UL Diego Mirandola On products of linear error correcting codes
1 November 2017, UL Martin Djukanovic Split Jacobians and lower bounds on heights
18 October 2017, UL Qizheng Yan Adapted deformations and the Ekedahl-Oort stratifications of Shimura varieties
5 September 2017, UL Mima Stanojkovski Intense automorphisms of finite groups
7 July 2017, RUN Johan Commelin On ℓ-adic compatibility for abelian motives & the Mumford–Tate conjecture for products of K3 surfaces
20 April 2017, UL Francesca Bergamaschi Bad reduction of Hilbert modular varieties with parahoric level structure
16 March 2017, TU/e Chitchanok Chuengsatiansup Optimizing curve-based cryptography
18 January 2017, UL Jinbi Jin Computability of the étale Euler-Poincaré characteristic
5 December 2016, RUG Ane Anema The arithmetic of maximal curves, the Hesse pencil and Mestre curve
2 December 2016, TiU Matteo Seminaroti

Combinatorial algorithms for the seriation problem

1 December 2016, UL Yan Zhao Deformations of nodal surfaces
15 November 2016, UvA Christophe Debry Towards a class number formula for Drinfeld modules
21 September 2016, UL Maarten Derickx Torsion points on elliptic curves over number fields of small degree
5 July 2016, UL Pinar Kilicer The CM class number one problem for curves
5 July 2016, UL Dino Festi Topics in the arithmetic of del Pezzo and K3 surfaces
4 July 2016, UL Djordjo Milovic On the 16-rank of class groups of quadratic number fields
27 June, 2016, TU/e Tung Chou

Accelerating pre- and post-quantum cryptography

22 June 2016, UL Iuliana Ciocanea Algorithms for finite rings
13 June 2016, UU Valentijn Karemaker Hecke algebras, Galois representations, and abelian varieties
10 June 2016, UT Jasper de Jong

Quality of Equilibria in Resource Allocation Games

6 June 2016, TUD Pieter van den Berg Logistics of emergency response vehicles: Facility location, routing, and shift scheduling
27 May 2016, UT Kamiel Cornelissen

Smoothed analysis of belief propagation and minimum-cost flow algorithms

19 May 2016, TU/e Emil Horobet Tensors of low rank
3 May 2016, UL Daniel Pelt Filter-based reconstruction methods for tomography
8 March 2016, UL Albert Gunawan Gauss's theorem on sums of 3 squares, sheaves, and Gauss composition
16 February 2016, TU/e Thijs van Laarhoven

Search problems in cryptography: from fingerprinting to lattice sieving

29 January 2016, TUD David de Laat Moment methods in extremal geometry
3 December 2015, TU/e Rikko Verrijzer

Context in interactive mathematical documents : personalizing mathematics

3 December 2015, UL Weidong Zhuang Symmetric diophantine approximation over function fields
1 December 2015, UL Julio Brau Galois representations of elliptic curves and abelian entanglements
2 September 2015, UL Athanasios Angelakis Universal adelic groups for imaginary quadratic number fields and elliptic curves
29 June 2015, TiU Zhao Sun

Polynomial optimization: Error analysis and applications

19 June 2015, TiU Aida Abiad Monge

Spectral characterizations of graphs

16 June 2015, UL Santosh Nadimpalli Typical representations for GL_n(F)
26 May 2015, TU/e Yael Fleischmann

A geometric approach to classical Lie algebras

27 May 2015, TU/e Rob Eggermont

Finiteness properties of varieties with large group actions

27 May 2015, TUD Philip Decorte

The Eigenvalue Method for Extremal Problems on Infinite Vertex-Transitive Graphs

23 April 2015, UL Krzysztof Dorobisz Inverse problems for universal deformation rings of group representations
5 March 2015, UL Junjiang Liu On p-adic decomposable form inequalities
30 January 2015, UT Ruben Hoeksma

Mechanisms for scheduling games with selfish players

5 December 2014, TUD Shanfei Li Facility Location Problems: Approximation Algorithms and Polyhedral Results
24 November 2014, UL Ziyang Gao The mixed Ax-Lindemann theorem and its applications to the Zilber-Pink conjecture
31 October 2014, TiU Uwe Truetsch

A semidefinite programming based branch-and-bound framework for the quadratic assignment problem

16 June 2014, CWI Bart de Keijzer Externalities and Cooperation in Algorithmic Game Theory
4 June 2014, UL Michiel Kosters Groups and fields in arithmetic
28 May 2014, UT F. Ahmed

Copositive Programming and Related Problems

26 May 2014, UL Mai Bien On some classes of modules and their endomorphism rings
22 May 2014, UL Willem Jan Palenstijn Radicals in arithmetic
9 May 2014, UT X. Zhang

Algorithmic and structural aspects of graph partitioning and related problems

26 February 2014, TUD Henk Post The Shortest Path Problem on Real Road Networks. Theory, Algorithms and Computations
24 January 2014, UT Anthony Ohazulike

Road pricing mechanisms - A game theoretic and multi-level approach

25 November 2013, CWI/TiU
Antonis Varvitsiotis
Combinatorial Conditions for Low Rank Solutions in semidefinite programming
22 November 2013, CWI/UvA Guus Regts Graph parameters and invariants of the orthogonal group
25 October 2013, UL Chao Zhang G-zips and Ekedahl-Oort strata for Hodge type Shimura varieties
24 October 2013, UL Samuele Anni Images of Galois representations
27 September 2013, TUD Frederik von Heymann On Lattice Methods in Integer Optimization
18 September 2013, CWI/UL Wagner Fortes Error bounds for discrete tomography
17 September 2013, UL Rene Pannekoek Topological aspects of rational points on K3 surfaces
4 September 2013, UL Alberto Gioia On the Galois closure of commutative algebras
26 June 2013  , UL Andrea Siviero Class invariants for tame Galois algebras
11 June 2013, UL Ariyan Javan Peykar Arakelov invariants of Belyi curves
10 June, 2013, RUG Afzal Soomro
27 May, 2013, UU Esther Bod
8 May 2013, UU Janne Kool
12 April, RUG Peter Dickinson
13 March 2013, TUE Bart Frenk Tropical varieties, maps and gossip
4 February 2013, TUE Maxim Hendriks Platonic maps of low genus
23 January 2013, UT Matthijs Bomhoff Bipartite graphs and the decomposition of systems of equations
18 December 2012, CWI/UL Niek Bouman Cryptography from Quantum Uncertainty, in the Presence of Quantum Side Information
18 December 2012, UL Bas Jansen Mersenne primes and class field theory
20 September 2012, UT Binlong Li Subgraph conditions for Hamiltonian properties of graphs
29 August 2012, TU/e Relinde Jurrius Codes, arrangements, matroids, and their polynomial links.
19 June 2012, CWI/UL Marc Stevens Attacks on hash functions and applications
6 June 2012, TU/e Shoumin Liu Brauer algebras of non-simply laced type
25 April 2012, CWI/UvA David García Soriano Query-Efficient Computation in Property Testing and Learning Theory
23 April 2012, TU/e Ruben Niederhagen Parallel Cryptanalysis
1 February 2012, TU/e Christiaan Eggermont Reachability Problems in Scheduling and Planning
25 January 2012, TU/e Çiçek Güven Özçelebi Buildings and Kneser Graphs
20 December 2011, UL/CWI Erwin Dassen Basis reduction for layered lattices
15 December 2011, TU/e Bruno Pontes Soares Rocha Information flow and declassification analysis for legacy and untrusted programs
27 October 2011, UvA/CWI Jop Briët Grothendieck inequalities, Nonlocal games and Optimization
20 September 2011, UL Birgit van Dalen Discrete tomography with two directions
14 July 2011, TU/e Gaetan Bisson Endomorphism Rings in Cryptography
15 June 2011, UL Arjen Stolk Discrete tomography for integer-valued functions
10 May 2011, TU/e Christiane Peters Curves, codes and cryptography
18 March 2011, TiU Cristian Dobre Semidefinite programming approaches for structured combinatorial optimization problems
24 January 2011, TU/e Peter Schwabe High-speed cryptography and cryptanalysis
22 September 2010, TU/e Matthias Mnich Algorithms in moderately exponential time
1 September 2010, UL Peter J. Bruin  Modular curves, Arakelov theory, algorithmic applications
30 August 2010, UU Jeroen R. Sijsling Equations for arithmetic pointed tori
16 June 2010, UL Ionica Smeets On continued fraction algorithms
1 June 2010, UL T. C. Streng Complex multiplication of abelian surfaces
29 April 2010, TU/e Villegas Bautista, J.A Design of advanced primitives for secure multiparty computation
18 March 2010, TU/e Dan A. Roozemond Algorithms for Lie Algebras of Algebraic Groups
20 January 2010, UL Willemien H. Ekkelkamp On the amount of sieving in factorization methods
22 December 2009, UL Jos F. Brakenhoff Counting problems for number rings
10 December 2009, TU/e J.J.J. van den Broek MIP-based approaches for complex planning problems
1 December 2009, UvA Fernando M. de Oliveira Filho New Bounds for Geometric Packing and Coloring via Harmonic Analysis and Optimization
12 October 2009, TU/e Jos C.H.W. in 't panhuis Lie algebras, extremal elements, and geometries
31 August 2009, TU/e Stefan H.M. van Zwam Partial fields in matroid theory
16 June 2009, UvA Erik Jan van Leeuwen Optimization and approximation on systems of geometric objects
18 May 2009, UU Jakub J. Byszewski Cohomological aspects of equivariant deformation theory
7 May 2009, TU/e Michael Naehrig Constructive and computational aspects of cryptographic pairings
16 April 2009, TU/e Tim Mussche Extremal combinatorics in generalized Kneser graphs
11 March 2009, UL Robbert de Haan  Algebraic techniques for low communication secure protocols
12 February 2009, TU/e Peter Birkner Efficient arithmetic on low-genus curves
29 January 2009, TU/e Leo J.J. van Iersel Algorithms, haplotypes and phylogenetic networks
15 December 2008, UL Johannes G. Bosman Explicit computations with modular Galois representations
27 October 2008, TU/e R. Rezaeian Farashahi Curves and Jacobians: number extractors and efficient arithmetic
17 October 2008, RUG An Khuong Nguyen A modern perspective on Fano's approach to linear differential equations
13 October 2008, TU/e Jaroslaw Byrka Randomized approximation algorithms:facility location, phylogenetic networks, Nash equilibria
26 September 2008, RUG Stephen Meagher Twists of genus three curves and their Jacobians
18 September 2008, UvA F.P. Unger Noise in quantum and classical computation & non-locality
27 August 2008, TU/e Mehmet S. Kiraz Secure and fair two-party computation
26 August 2008, UU Sander R. Dahmen Classical and modular methods applied to Diophantine equations
23 June 2008, RUG Fai Lung Tsai Skew rings, convolutional codes and discrete systems
4 June 2008, UL Theo van den Bogaart Links between cohomology and arithmetic
3 June 2008, UL Sierk W. Rosema Induced substitutions
28 May 2008, UU Oliver Lorscheid Toroidal Automorphic Forms for Function Fields
16 May 2008, RUG Cécile Poirier On geometric Langlands theory and stacks
17 April 2008, TU/e Peter Korteweg Online gathering algorithms for wireless networks
10 April 2008, UvA Nebojsa Gvozdenovic Approximating the stability number and the chromatic number of a graph via semidefinite programming
8 April 2008, TU/e Mohammad Farshi, A theoretical and experimental study of geometric networks
10 March 2008, RUN Ichiro Hasuo Tracing anonymity with coalgebras
1 February 2008 S.D.C. Wehner Cryptography in a quantum world
18 January 2008 Diego Napp Avelli An algebraic approach to multidimensional behaviors
13 November 2007, TU/e Mohammad Ali Abam New data structures and algorithms for mobile data
29 October 2007, TU/e Andrey Sidorenko Design and analysis of provably secure pseudorandom generators
4 October 2007, TU/e Ellen Jochemsz Cryptanalysis of RSA variants using small roots of polynomials
20 June 2007, RUN Iris Loeb  Natural Deduction : Sharing by Presentation
29 May 2007, TUE Michaël W.A. Streppel Multifunctional geometric data structures
8 May 2007, TUE  Erik Postma From Lie algebras to geometry and back
4 May 2007, RUG  Lenny Taelman On t-Motifs
4 May 2007, RUG  Irene Polo-Blanco Theory and history of geometric models
23 February 2007, UvA R.L. Cilibrasi Statistical interference through data compression
31 January 2007, TUE  Vincenzo Bonifaci Models and algorithms for online server routing
19 September 2006, Leiden Kees Joost Batenburg Network flow algorithms for discrete tomography
7 September 2006, UvA  Robert Spalek Quantum algorithms, lower bounds and time-space tradeoffs
27 June 2006, Leiden  Reinier Bröker Constructing elliptic curves of prescribed order
16 May 2006, Leiden  Christian Evert van de Woestijne Deterministic equation solving over finite fields

12 April 2006, TUE

Gábor Maróti Operations Research Models for Railway Rolling Stock Planning
11 January 2006, UvA  T.J. Lee Kolmogorov Complexity and formula size lower bounds

1 November 2005, TUE

Dié Gijsbers BMW Algebras of simply laced type

12 October 2005, TUE

Sergei Haller Computing Galois cohomology and forms of linear algebraic groups

22 September 2005, TUE

Man Nguyen Van Minh Computer-algebraic methods for the construction of designs of experiments

22 September 2005, UvA

Dion Gijswijt Matrix Algebras and Semidefinit Programming Techniques for Codes
8 September 2005, TUE  Scott P. Contini Case studies in symmetric key cryptography
7 September 2005, TUE  Ventzislav Stefanov Nikov Verifiable secret sharing and applications

2 September 2005, Leiden

Gabor Wiese Modular Forms of Weight One Over Finite Fields

17 May 2005, RUN

Mascha Honsbeek Radical extensions and Galois groups


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Call for PhD project proposals

NWO has issued a cluster-wide call for PhD project proposals. Researchers can apply if they are employed (i.e., hold a salaried position) at a Dutch university or a research institute recognised by NWO, and also have an appointment period for at least the duration of the application procedure and the entire duration of the research for which the grant is being applied for.

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ERC Starting Grant for Jesper Nederlof

Jesper Nederlof (TU/e) has been awarded an ERC Starting Grant of almost 1.5 ME. Nederlof will design faster algorithms for hard computational problems in computer science. The grant provides the researcher with the opportunity to further elaborate his own ideas during a period of five years.

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Full professor position in Discrete Mathematics in Delft

Delft Institute of Applied mathematics, Delft University of Technology, seeks a full Professor in the field of Discrete Mathematics. A description of the position can be found here. The deadline for applications is January 15, 2019.

ERC Starting grant for Daniel Dadush

Daniel Dadush (CWI) has been awarded an ERC Starting Grant of 1.5 ME for his proposal ‘Towards a Quantitative Theory of Integer Programming’. With this grant, Dadush aims to revolutionize the understanding of integer programming (IP), the most popular method used today for finding optimal solutions to real-world optimization problems.

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