New DIAMANT PhD and postdoc positions

On July 8 2011, NWO-GBE decided to allocate 1 ME to each of the math clusters DIAMANT, NDNS, GQT and STAR, for a two-year period (i.e., 500 kE per year). This decision was based on a positive evaluation of DIAMANT by an international review committee, and a revised budget proposal submitted by DIAMANT.

The main items in the two-year budget approved by NWO-GBE are:

     (a) 250 kE per year reserved for 5 PhD students, and
     (b) 180 kE per year for 3 postdocs.

The DIAMANT board has decided that the DIAMANT PhD and postdoc positions will be filled on the basis of an internal competition. DIAMANT members and students are cordially invited to submit proposals for PhD and postdoc projects. Your proposals should be sent to the DIAMANT research manager, Robin de Jong. Do not hesitate to contact him for further information.

(a) As to the PhD projects:

Please keep in mind that for now, DIAMANT cannot fund a PhD-project for more than two years. Thus, a funding guarantee of the receiving university for the two final years of the project will be required; such a guarantee should be part of the project proposal. We do hope that DIAMANT will be funded for another two-year period following the current one, but at this point this cannot be guaranteed.

If a funding guarantee cannot be supplied, and DIAMANT funding would not be available after two years, the Mathematisch Instituut of the Universiteit Leiden is willing to appoint the PhD student for the remainder of the period - but the PhD candidate will then have to defend his thesis in Leiden, and a Leiden supervisor is added to the project.

The deadline for submission of proposals is September 23. The DIAMANT board will then meet and take decisions. This makes October 1 the earliest possible starting date for PhD projects.

The decisions by the board will be based on scientific excellence
- of the researchers who submit the proposal, and
- of the junior researcher that is to perform the research.

In particular, proposals need to come with the name of the proposed PhD student. This implies that potential supervisors need to find a candidate for their project, and that potential PhD students need to find a supervisor before they can apply.

Other factors that will play a role are:
* DIAMANT very much aims at strengthening the relations between different groups. Collaboration of two groups from different institutes (e.g., sharing a PhD student in a joint project) is a big plus.
* the board aims for a balance between the main themes of DIAMANT, so it won't assign all positions to just one or two themes.
* a balance between the various institutes involved in DIAMANT.

A proposal should include:
- a title;
- name(s) of the supervisor(s), and any other researchers involved in the project;
- a CV of the proposed candidate;
- positioning and embedding of the research at the host institute(s);
- description of the proposed research;
- project planning over the 4 years.

(b) As to the postdoc projects:

Here there will also be an internal competition. Again, we invite you to submit a proposal in sufficient detail. Here we aim at projects with a length of 1 to 2 years, with earliest possible starting date January 1, 2012. The first deadline for submissions is November 15, 2011. If not all 6 post-doc years are awarded, a second round will follow later.

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