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Galois Theory and Explicit Methods

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Meetings in year 3

Meetings from October 1 2008 to September 30 2009
  • Oct 13 - Oct 17, 2008: GTEM annual meeting
    Midterm meeting in Bordeaux
  • Feb 1 - Feb 6, 2009: The Arithmetic of Fields
    Workshop in Oberwolfach - there are still a few openings left in the meeting, so that people, especially young people, are encouraged to apply by writing to Moshe Jarden.
  • Feb 2 - Feb 6, 2009: Mathematical Foundations in Cryptography
    Workshop in Lausanne
  • Mar 30 - Apr 3, 2009: Arithmétique, géométrie, cryptographie et théorie des codes
    Workshop in Luminy organized by David Kohel and Serge Vladut
  • Apr 14 - Apr 24, 2009: Counting points on varieties
    Instructional workshop followed by a research meeting at the Lorentz Center in Leiden
  • May 4 - May 6, 2009: Pairings in Arithmetic Geometry and Cryptography
    The workshop will take place at May 4, 5 and 6 , 2009. In the workshop we shall study bilinear structures on ideal class groups of curves over finite fields induced by duality theorems of class field theory. Computational aspects as well as applications to public key cryptography will be in the center of the talks. We plan to have two series of introductary minicourses in the mornings and lectures about the state of the art and new perspectives in the afternoons. Confirmed speakers are: P. Barreto, S.Duquesne,D.M. Freeman, G. Frey, F. Hess, D. Lubicz, M. Naehrig, M. Scott, F. Vercauteren. A program will be announced soon.
  • May 24 - May 28, 2009: Algorithms and Number Theory
    Seminar at Schloss Dagstuhl.
  • Jun 8 - Jun 19, 2009: Geometry and Arithmetic around Galois Theory
    GTEM summer school at Galatasaray University, Istanbul on applications to inverse Galois problems of fundamental group and Hurwitz space techniques
  • Jun 14 - Jun 26, 2009: Doctoral program on Diophantine Geometry
    workshop in Rennes
  • Jul 12 - Jul 17, 2009: Explicit Methods in Number Theory
    Oberwolfach workshop organized by K. Belabas (Bordeaux), H.W. Lenstra (Leiden) and D. Zagier (Paris/Bonn)
  • Jul 20 - Jul 24, 2009: Lattices and applications,
    GTEM summer school in Lausanne
  • Jul 20 - Dec 18, 2009: Non-abelian fundamental groups in geometry
    Special semester at the Newton Institute in Cambridge
  • Sep 7 - Sep 11, 2009: Third annual GTEM meeting in Warwick
    Online registration through the workshop webpage.
    The theme of this meeting is computational arithmetic geometry.