FP6 Research and Training Network
Galois Theory and Explicit Methods

Partner 10: Paris

Scientist in charge:Leila Schneps
ESR:Mirjam Jöllenbeck (joellenbeck@math.jussieu.fr)
Staff member:Yves André (Yves.Andre@ens.fr)
Daniel Bertrand
Nicolas Billerey
Francis Brown (brown@clipper.ens.fr)
Lucia DiVizio
Joao-Pedro Dos Santos
Olivier Fouquet
Marc Hindry (hindry@math.jussieu.fr)
Pierre Lochak
Ivan Marin
Mathieu Romagny
Zdzislaw Wojtkowiak
Leonardo Zapponi
External member:Jean-Claude Belfiore
Ofer Gabber
Christophe Soulé
Junior member:Yassine Bounfour-Levert
Benjamin Collas (collas@math.jussieu.fr)
Pierre Nguyen (pierre@math.jussieu.fr)
Ismaël Soudères

Department webpage at Paris Jussieu (France)

Responsibilities include:

  • May 14 - May 18, 2007: Arithmetic and differential Galois groups
    Oberwolfach workshop
  • Oct 1, 2007: milestone MB2
    Report main results concerning curved complexes of moduli spaces. Intermediate result of TB2
  • Oct 1, 2008: milestone MR18
    Audit certificate
  • Oct 1, 2009: milestone MB3
    Report on determination of automorphism groups of fundamental groups of moduli spaces. Result of TB2
  • Oct 1, 2010: milestone MB4
    Report on Hodge decomposition of cohomology of moduli spaces. Result of TB3
  • Oct 1, 2010: milestone MR30
    Audit certificate