Teaching in Probability
and Stochastic Operations Research

The information below concerns advanced courses that our group teaches in Leiden.
More information available on the student pages of our department.

Advanced courses in Probability and Operations Research in the academic year 2016/2017
Autumn 2017

Besliskunde A (Spieksma)
3rd year BSc
Complex Networks (den Hollander, Garlaschelli, Plaat)
3rd year BSc and MSc
Probability Seminar: Hidden Gibbs Models (Avena, Verbitsky)
3rd year BSc and MSc
Probability Seminar: Random Walks in Random Environment (Avena, den Hollander)

3rd year BSc and MSc
Random Walks (Verbitsky)
2rd year BSc
Wiskundige Structuren (Kalle)

1rd year BSc

Spring 2018

Besliskunde B (Spieksma)
3rd year BSc
Coupling Theory (den Hollander)

3rd year BSc
Ergodic Theory and Fractals (Kalle, Verbitsky)

3rd year BSc and MSc
Introduction to Measure Theory (Verbitsky)
3rd year BSc and MSc
Introduction to Probability (Avena)
1rd year BSc
Laptop Course (Kalle)

Stochastic Processes (Avena, Spieksma)


Whole Academic Year (2017/2018)

Besliskunde 4, home course (Spieksma)
3rd year BSc and MSc
Caleidoscoop (Spieksma)
3rd year BSc and MSc
Markov Decision Processes (Bhulai, Spieksma)
3rd year BSc and MSc


There is a number of specialized courses that our group can offer, please see the list below.
Lecture notes are available for some of these courses.
Interested students should feel encouraged to approach us and communicate their preferences.

Random walks (Avena, Heydenreich, den Hollander, Verbitskiy, van Zuijlen)
Lecture notes
Large Deviations (den Hollander) Link to book
Random Polymers (den Hollander) Link to book
Interacting Particle Systems (den Hollander) Lecture notes
Coupling techniques (den Hollander) Lecture notes
Stochastic Models for Genetic Evolution (den Hollander) Lecture notes
Stochastic Analysis (den Hollander) Lecture notes
Stochastic Processes (Spieksma) Lecture notes