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Thomas Joannes Stieltjes (1856-1895)
Stieltjes Educational Weeks

The Stieltjes Institute organizes one or two educational weeks each semester. During such a week, some members of the Institute's staff treat a subject paramount to mathematics. The intended audience consists of advanced students and starting PhD students enrolled in Dutch universities.

The aim of the Stieltjes Institute's educational weeks is to promote the cooperation of Dutch universities in the educational domain, and to bring about a critical mass that individual institutes often lack.

This page provides general information. Please see the links below for more detailed information on specific educational weeks, or contact the principal organizer mentioned. The general organization of the weeks lies with:

Suggestions for future educational weeks may be sent to them.


25/1 - 28/1 Cohomology theories, mixed Hodge structures, local systems and monodromy.
Bas Edixhoven(UL), Rob de Jeu(VU), Ben Moonen(UvA), Tejaswi Navilarekallu(VU), Jan Stienstra(UU), Lenny Taelman(UL)

14/4 - 17/4 Counting Points on Varieties
Ted Chinburg (University of Pennsylvania, Kloostermanprofessor 2009), Lenny Taelman (UL), Ronald van Luijk (UL).

3/3 - 4/3 Workshop for Young Researchers on Robust Optimization
Dick den Hertog (UvT), Aharon Ben-Tal (Technion, Haifa, Israel,Stieltjesprofessor 2009)
9/6 - 13/6 Educational Week on Noncommutative Integration
Marcel de Jeu (UL), Erik Koelink (RU), Ben de Pagter (TUD).
7/5 - 11/5 Stieltjes & Diamant Onderwijsweek Solvability of Diophantine Equations
F. Beukers(, J.-H. Evertse, R. Tijdeman
22/1 - 26/1 Probability and Statistics in Population Genetics
S.M. Verduyn-Lunel(, A.W. van der Vaart(
6/6 - 9/6 Rings of Low Rank
Bas Edixhoven (, H.W. Lenstra, B. de Smit
14/2 - 18/2 Global and variational methods for DE"s
Mark Peletier (
6/9 - 10/9 Geschiedenis van de wiskunde
Gerard Alberts (
22/9 - 26/9 Mathematics of cryptology (met EIDMA)
Bas Edixhoven (
3/3 - 7/3 Stabiliteitsanalyse in PDV's
Arjen Doelman (
22/9 - 26/9 Expliciete algebraische getaltheorie
Peter Stevenhagen (
11/3 - 15/3 Multiproces-multiscale-differentiaalvergelijkingen
Walter Hoffmann (
26/11 - 30/11 Algorithmen in de getaltheorie (met EIDMA)
Peter Stevenhagen (
5/3 - 9/3 Financiële wiskunde
Peter Spreij (
19/2 - 23/2 Stochastische differentiaalvergelijkingen
Sjoerd Verduyn-Lunel (
4/12 - 8/12 Capita Statistische Schattingstheorie
Chris Klaassen (
13/3 - 17/3 Eigenwaardeproblemen
Arjen Doelman (
28/2 - 3/3 Riemannoppervlakken
Peter Stevenhagen (


Every Dutch student or PhD student of mathematics may participate without cost. However, registration by email with the principal organizer is required in time. Please mention whether you are a student (and what year you are in) or a PhD student.


The educational weeks take place at the Lorentz Center in Leiden. The Center can be reached by car, or by bus from Leiden Central Station - click here to see how. The Lorentz Center provides lecture-rooms and workrooms for the participants.


The Stieltjes Institute offers coffee, tea, lunch, and a reception of welcome. The Stieltjes universities support participation in the educational weeks and are willing to help participants with
  • scheduling problems
  • travelling-expenses
To appeal, please contact Mill (VU), Stevenhagen (UL), De Pagter (TUD), or Doelman (UvA), and do so in time.


On the first four days of the week, there is a lecture in the morning, and time to work on the material individually in the afternoon, followed by a seminar. The Friday consists of more panoramic lectures by teachers or invited lecturers.


Students who are enrolled in Stieltjes universities are awarded 2 ECTS if they participate actively - the teacher will be the judge of this. Other arrangements are possible, in consultation with the teachers.
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