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Sadly Bas Edixhoven passed away. Below is his old website.

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Links to the Geometry and Topology research group, the Mathematical Institute, the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, and to the University of Leiden.

This page is still under construction, as I have moved from Rennes to Leiden. Here is a copy of my home page in Rennes.

Here is my CV in pdf format.

I have been managing editor of the journal Compositio Mathematica from 2003 until 2012. Since January 2013 I am the secretary of the Foundation Compositio Mathematica.

Leiden participates in the Erasmus Mundus Master and Doctorate ALgebra, Geometry And Number Theory (ALGANT) together with the universities of Bordeaux, Milano, Padova, Orsay, Chennai, Montreal, and Stellenbosch.

Hier is het dictaat 2009-2010 voor het college wiskundige structuren. Meer informatie over dit college op blackboard.

With Peter Stevenhagen I organise a course/seminar Topics in Arithmetic Geometry 1 and 2.

In the Spring of 2009 Lenny Taelman and I taught a course on Algebraic Geometry in the Dutch Mastermath program. Here is a webpage with more information on that course.

Together with Gerard van der Geer and Eduard Looijenga I organised a workshop Algebraic Geometry held at the Lorentz Center from June 30 until July 4 of 2008.

Met Hendrik Lenstra organiseerde ik het bachelor seminarium algebra, meetkunde en getaltheorie in het voorjaar van 2008 (direct naar het programma).

Here is information on the national master course in Algebraic Geometry that I gave in Utrecht in the Spring of 2007.

On September 28-29 of 2006 there was a symposium Meetkunde in de Herfsttij II /Geometry in Autumn at the Lorentz Center, organised by Gerard van der Geer, Martin Lübke and myself. Here are some photos and the poster in pdf format.

Together with Gerard van der Geer and Ben Moonen I organised a conference Modular Forms on Schiermonnikoog, October 8-13, 2006.

On May 27, 2006, there was meeting at the Maison Descartes in Amsterdam for the promotion of more collaboration between the Netherlands and France in the field of mathematics. Here are the program and a poster, both in pdf format.

Here is information on the Arithmetic Geometry Intercity Seminar on Khare's work on Serre's conjecture that I organised in the Fall semester of 2005.

Here is my grant proposal (in pdf format) for NWO. On December 15 of 2004 this proposal has been awarded a NWO VICI grant.

The first main results in this project are described in detail in the 164 page report On the computation of coefficients of a modular form on arxiv (this is now version 2). This report will be used as the basis for a book that will appear in the series ``Annals of Mathematics Studies'' of Princeton University Press. The report, written in the context of a contract (Contrat d'Études 04.42.217) between the University of Leiden and the French CELAR (Centre Électronique de l'Armement), is intended to be accessible to a wider audience, including people with an interest in cryptology and with some background in computational algebraic geometry and number theory. The book is now available, please buy it (paper or e-book), you can download the pdf that we sent to PUP from Couveignes's home page.

Here is information on the course Topics in Geometry 2 that taught in the Spring semester of 2006.

Click here for details on the MRI Spring School Abelian Varieties, organised by Ben Moonen and Gerard van der Geer.

Here is information on the course in topology.

Information on the geometry course (`meetkunde', by Martin Lübke) and the problem sessions (me) during the Fall of 2004 can be found in the online `studigids'.

Here is the syllabus (in ps format) of the geometry course of the Spring of 2004, dealing with de Rham cohomology, up to Lefschetz's formula for counting fixed points. The reference used during this course was the book by Bott and Tu: `Differential forms in algebraic topology'.

Here is information on the workshop and Annual EAGER Conference Algebraic Cycles and Motives that I organise with Jan Nagel and Chris Peters, at the Lorentz Center from 30 Aug 2004 through 3 Sep 2004.

Here is information on the Eidma-Stieltjes onderwijsweek (`graduate course') and on the workshop on mathematics and cryptology that I organised with Ronald Cramer and Berry Schoenmakers at the Lorentz Center from September 22 until October 2 of 2003.

Here is information on the workshop Special Points in Shimura Varieties that I organised with Frans Oort at the Lorentz Center from December 15--19, 2003.

Here is information on the course in geometry that I have taught during the Fall of 2002 (and the sequel on de Rham cohomology that took place in the Spring of 2004).

En hier is de tekst van mijn oratie, in pdf formaat.

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