Computational number theory at FoCM'08

24-26 June 2008
Hong Kong, China

This workshop is part of FoCM'08, hosted by the City University of Hong Kong on 16-26 June 2008. FoCM is organized triennially by the society for Foundations of Computational Mathematics.



Hendrik Lenstra, Universiteit Leiden, Netherlands

Standard models for finite fields


Shuhong Gao, Clemson University, USA

Deterministic polynomial factoring via Grobner Bases

Daqing Wan, UC Irvine, USA

On complexity of decoding Reed-Solomon codes

Chaoping Xing, NTU, Singapore

Application of number theory to lattice space-time codes


Denis Xavier Charles, Microsoft Research, Redmond, USA

Bloomier filters using random graphs and number theory

David Freeman, UC Berkeley, USA

Constructing abelian varieties for pairing-based cryptography

Akinari Hoshi, Rikkyo University, Tokyo, Japan

On the field intersection problem of generic polynomials via resolvent polynomials

Hendrik Hubrechts, Universiteit Leuven, Belgium

Solving p-adic matrix differential equations

Masanari Kida, UEC, Tokyo, Japan

Classification of Brumer's quintic dihedral polynomials

Hidetaka Kitayama, Osaka University, Japan

An explicit regular PSp(2,3)-polynomial over Q(\sqrt{-3})

David Kohel, AIX Marseille II, France

Lower dimensional CM constructions

Hyungju Park, KIAS, Seoul, Korea

Syzygies for noncommutative algebras and their representations

Samir Siksek, University of Warwick, UK

A multi-Frey approach to diophantine equations

Peter Stevenhagen, Universiteit Leiden, Netherlands

Efficient CM constructions

Katherine Stange, Brown University, USA

The elliptic curve discrete logarithm problem and equivalent hard problems for elliptic divisibility sequences

Ronald van Luijk, University of Warwick, UK

Density of rational points on diagonal quartic surfaces


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Workshop organizers

Hendrik Lenstra
Universiteit Leiden
the Netherlands

Takakazu Satoh
Tokyo Institute of Technology

Peter Stevenhagen
Universiteit Leiden
the Netherlands

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