This webpage contains the basic algebra course notes (Algebra 1-3, in Dutch) used in the first two
years of the math program, as well as lecture notes and problem collections of algebraic nature,
in various states of perfection.


Dictaat Auteur Jaar
Algebra 1 Stevenhagen 2023
Algebra 2 Stevenhagen 2022
Algebra 3 Stevenhagen 2020
Representatietheorie Daems, Palenstijn 2003
Opgaven klassenlichamentheorie Lenstra 1999


Course notes Author Year
Algebra 3 (translated by Reinie Erné) Stevenhagen 2020
Linear Algebra 1 van Luijk 2013
Linear Algebra 2 Stoll 2007
Number Rings Stevenhagen 2019
Local Fields Stevenhagen 2002
Topics in Algebra Lenstra, Fendel, Harada 2001
Class Field Theory Stevenhagen 2002
Exercises Class Field Theory Lenstra 1988
Exercises Class Field Theory Lenstra 1993
Elliptic Curves Stevenhagen 1997
Elliptic Functions Stevenhagen 1992
Galois theory for schemes Lenstra 2008
Permutation Groups Weimar, Michielsen 2008
Article Author Year
Artin Reciprocity Lenstra, Stevenhagen 2000
Chebotarev Density Theorem Lenstra, Stevenhagen 1996
Number Field Sieve Stevenhagen 2004
Sieving Methods Pomerance 2004
See also: Surveys in algorithmic number theory.
Notes Author Year
Lenstra: The Chebotarev Density Theorem Voight 2002
Lenstra: The Idele Class Group Voight 2002
Lenstra: Profinite Groups Voight 2002
Lenstra: Galois Groups of Radical Extensions Voight 2002
Stevenhagen: Class Field Theory Voight 2002
Stevenhagen: Kummer Theory and Reciprocity Laws Voight 2002
Stevenhagen: Primes Represented by Quadratic Forms Voight 2002